Save the Date | Effective Engagement of the UHNW Millennial: Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Symposium will soon become a membership based platform for professionals who engage with the UHNW market.

The ultra-high-net-worth population has never been more sought after than it is today and so it’s never been more imperative that executives seeking to sell to or raise money from them are at the top of their game and continuing to find innovative approaches to penetrate such an elusive and competitive market.

Membership will give an opportunity to share insights and engage in powerful discussions with others across industry lines. Through exclusive conferences, ongoing content, forums and networking opportunities which are designed to foster creativity and innovation.

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“The Symposium offers a unique conference opportunity that brings together people from disparate industries who would normally not have the opportunity to engage with, or get to know, one another, although our ‘clients’ are the same. As a result, the conversations stretch the normal boundaries and open up new dialogue and opportunity for creativity within our individual spaces.”

Josh Newton, SVP, Advancement & Alumni Engagement, Emory University


A growing community of executives from every industry that target and serve the ultra-affluent demographic.


Your understanding, perspective, and expertise as you hear from world class counterparts in other industries.


Benefit from powerful strategic discussions with other leaders who understand the unique challenges of the UHNW market.


Apply shared knowledge, tactics, and experience to your own organization and goals.

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