Save the Date | Effective Engagement of the UHNW Millennial: Thursday, October 7, 2021


The ultra-high-net-worth population has never been more sought after than it is today and so it’s never been more imperative that executives seeking to sell to or raise money from them are at the top of their game and continuing to find innovative approaches to penetrate such an elusive and competitive market.


At 295,450 the ultra-high-net-worth demographic represents only .004% of the world’s global populace.


Yet, they control a staggering 12% of all global wealth.


Forecasts predict their population will increase nearly 30% globally over the next few years.

The impact this relatively small community has on markets is astounding.


of market share in luxury.


of wealth management market.

Nearly 20%

of all non-corporate philanthropic giving.

Never has this demographic been more sought after.

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The environment of contenders seeking to access this elusive and often difficult to reach market is extremely crowded. For professionals looking to build relationships with this audience, the root of failure or missed opportunity can often be traced back to a reliance on general information or guesswork about how to access them and ultimately connect in a meaningful way.

There is much to be learned from one another. Most executives don’t have the opportunity to look beyond their own industry and thus miss out on ideas and inspiration that will help them innovate and increase their opportunities for success.


Imagine a platform that brings together:


Executives from the most highly regarded organizations across every industry that target the ultra-affluent

Sales professionals, fundraisers and leaders who have experience and notable success in this arena

Those who work in this demographic every day and seek to improve their skills


At The Symposium we know the shared perspective and tactical learnings to be gained will lead to a transformative understanding of the mindset of the UHNW market and result in a refinement and deeper mastery of your approach.

“Today's world is full of unforeseen challenges that we must find solutions for. Having access to the top professionals and their insight through The Symposium has been an invaluable experience. The Symposium has given us the ability assess our current business practices with a competitive edge and market knowledge.”

Natalie Forster, Senior Account Executive, Summitas


The Symposium is the world’s first community for executives across luxury, financial services, non-profit and higher education that cultivates conversation and content for mastering UHNW growth and engagement. This membership-based platform offers conferences, ongoing content, forums and networking opportunities that are designed to foster creativity and innovation that will benefit all.

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"The Symposium provided an incredible opportunity to hear from key leaders both inside and outside of the non-profit sector. It was refreshing to hear from those working in other verticals who were dealing with similar challenges but in an entirely different context. It was an informative and inspiring day."

Ben Greene, Chief Development Officer, charity: water